The Chilled 100 Market Ambassador Team Sponsorship Opportunities

Chilled Magazine announces the launch of the Chilled 100 Market Ambassador Team. This high profile team is composed of 275 recognized industry leaders who are personally in touch with all avenues of cocktail creation. The Chilled 100 is composed of bartenders, bar owners, restaurateurs, sommeliers, chefs, beverage directors, and other industry experts in 20 key markets throughout the United States.

Benefits of Being a Chilled 100 Market Ambassador:
  • Exposure and ongoing visibility in the pages of Chilled Magazine, on and on
  • Exclusive access to post on the Chilled100 blog site, linking your recipes, events, mixing tips and anything else you’d like to share with your peers to the rest of the Chilled 100 team and throughout Chilled’s social media.
  • Exclusive access to the private Chilled100 Facebook page designed to encourage the exchange of ideas and interactions between ambassadors.
  • Work with the Chilled editorial staff on what’s new and next in the industry by participating in interviews, surveys and research and development.
  • Have VIP access to special events and participate in advanced sampling of products.
  • Sit at any bar and throw down your very own Chilled Magazine Ambassador business card and impress your bartending friends.
Duties of the Chilled 100 Market Ambassador:

  • Networking as an ambassador for Chilled Magazine within the bar and beverage industry to promote and increase awareness of Chilled Magazine.
  • Contribute content to the website, Chilled 100 blog site and magazine with recipes, tips, trends, articles, images, event information, etc.
  • Represent Chilled Magazine in your local market and be available for sponsored events or networking should we seek expert help in that area.