Michael Huebner

Photo by Tina Smothers Photography

Michael has been a bartender for almost ten years, but he decided this was his career path a little over three. He currently works at Celeste in the River North neighborhood of Chicago. The cocktail-focused late night venue features four distinct floors, each with a different theme and menu.

He is a bartender on the 2nd floor, which is the Deco Room, offering over a hundred carefully crafted classic cocktails. He believes the best bartenders get out of their comfort zone to develop their palates. He also finds it very important to be well-rounded and always looking to improve.

“However guests always enjoy when you light things on fire,” says Michael “they love when you separate an egg white from its yolk with one hand. I’ve been getting more into ice carving, but I’m not very good yet, and I’ve been looking at Japanese bartending techniques. They are more process-focused than we are here. There’s so much going on right now but the most important skill for any bartender is being able to read your guests and anticipate their needs.”