Christine Jeanine Nielsen

Christine Jeanine, AKA CJ is the Lead Bartender at Angeline in New Orleans, operated and owned by the wonderful Chef Alex Harrel. She has been having adventures in New Orleans since 2005 and has had the pleasure of working for an array of bars.

Hailing from Atlanta, she fell in love with the community and spirit of New Orleans immediately and packed up and moved there on a whim. She started tending bar, working graveyard shifts (it is New Orleans, so that means working until 6 AM) at Molly’s at the Market and then fell into the craft cocktail scene by working at Bar Tonique. From there she managed LOA, The Windsor Court Hotel and Lucky Rooster.

CJ considers her experiences behind the bar and her time spent volunteering at the Museum of the American Cocktail, along with joining the USBG, and being an Apprentice for Tales of the Cocktail were very influential in her career.

She is fond of preaching the Good Word of Sherry and is a founding member of the New Orleans Sherry Mafia. Her favorite beverages are Sherry, Gin and the Sazerac.

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