Christopher Benton

Christopher Benton is the head bartender at Le Foret Restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana. A fifteen year veteran of the service industry, Christopher has refined his craft through years of work and extensive travel. Born in Washington D.C to an American diplomat family, Christopher has lived in Oslo, Moscow, Dublin, as well as south Florida and New Orleans.

He moved to New Orleans to attend Loyola University and quickly became entrenched into the restaurant community. Starting at Broussard’s Restaurant as a backwaiter, he quickly moved up the ranks of captain when Hurricane Katrina hit. Chris left New Orleans to stay with his parents in Dublin where he tended bar at the one Michelin star restaurant, L’Ecrivain. Through the head chef, Chris agreed to help open up a new Gordon Ramsey restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida where he stayed for two years before returning to New Orleans. After celebrating the Saints Super Bowl victory and Mardi Gras, Chris began at Commander’s Palace.

Following a year and a half at Commander’s, he was asked to help open up SoBou in the French Quartrer. At SoBou, he mastered the combination of craft cocktails and high volume. Recently at Le Foret, Chris’s menu focuses on classic cocktails made with fresh ingredients. His favorite drinks are Old Fashioned’s, Negroni’s, Irish whiskey and he also enjoys a Guinness on occasion. When not at work he enjoys playing pool, eating and drinking at New Orleans’ best (and most infamous) establishments, and relaxing with his family.