Emily Ross-Johnson

Emily Ross-Johnson is a whiskey lover and cocktail enthusiast based in Portland, OR. She uses her creative background and artistic energy to create events around whiskey and cocktail education. She also enjoys creating, styling and photographing cocktails for her popular blog, fern + shaker, and is a regular contributor to The Whiskey Wash.

Emily started her career as an opera singer, but after discovering the joys of whiskey and cocktails, she left the opera world for more spiritous endeavors. She enjoys creating simple but flavorful cocktails, focused on highlighting the ingredients and making something as beautiful to the eyes as it is to the palate.

In her former life as a New Yorker, she founded and ran the Astoria Whiskey Society in Queens, NY. Organizing events and creating cocktails around whiskey is one of her greatest joys. While running her whiskey society, she also toured the NY Metro area as a whiskey educator and specialist for some of the country’s biggest whiskey portfolios. In addition to conducting whiskey education, she also designs custom cocktail recipes, styles cocktail photo shoots, and curates social content for clients.

Emily loves working with brands to help make their products stand out in the marketplace. She especially enjoys educating people on whiskey as well as other spirits, and of course cocktails. Wanting to bring whiskey education to people of all experience levels, and get people socializing with other whiskey fans, Emily founded the Portland Whiskey Society in 2017. She is excited to grow the whiskey community and bring people together around a common passion, while keeping things laid-back and fun.

Follow her on Instagram @thegalabouttown and @fernandshaker.