Nic Nye

Currently behind a beautiful copper bar at The KnockBack in Portland Oregon, Nic claims, “all my years of bartending this spot is as close to Cheers as I’ve ever found.” Not in appearance but in style, he sites a good solid set of five day a week regulars and a very communal feeling patio with a fire pit. “I fell in love with it when I moved to Portland,” he continues. “I was honored to take the helm when Jesse Card moved on to open his own spot. If you stop by make sure to order a Shifty and a TKB fried chicken slider.”

When Nic started tending bar he was younger and looking for extra cash. “I ended up working the door at a little Irish pub in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I’d help stock beers and carry kegs and often saw the massive stack of cash being split up at the end of the night. Originally I got in to bartending for all the wrong reasons,” confesses Nic. “Fast cash, late nights, crazy parties, you know… All the stuff a 24 year-old guy could ask for. It wasn’t until a few years later when we were just getting past the whole “Martini” craze in the Midwest I had the opportunity to work at a beautiful Four-Diamond hotel. It was there that I met the people that started to truly inspire my craving for flavor.”