Bryson Ryan

Photo by Tina Smothers Photography

Bryson was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, and currently is a bartender at Drum Bar. While in college, he work various retail jobs and made the transit to restaurants; where he was introduced to the classic cocktail scene by taking Bridget Albert: Southern Wine and Spirits/Academy of Spirits and Fine Service Class.

He became obsessed with learning as much as possible about technique, history, and spirits in general. Most of his money and free time are dedicated to attending seminars/classes on spirit history and traveling anywhere with a cocktail bar and or Event just to see how others contribute to the cocktail scene.

Bryson has since become a bartender and is proud to work along some of the best bartenders in the city of Chicago and being mentored by the best across the Country.

Follow him on Facebook, Instagram @BrysonRyan and Twitter @StickBoy27.