Allison Widdecombe

Photo by Adam Larkey

Allison Widdecombe has been bartending around many different cities and a few different countries for the last eight years, and working in hospitality for the last 15. She grew up in rural Hawaii, soaked up a very unique culture, and has since gotten to know several other cuisines and cultures across the globe.

Allison currently works at Williams & Graham, in Denver, Colorado. This speak-easy themed cocktail bar has received much recognition since opening, and has provided a very creative environment to work in and thrive in. The selection and choice behind the bar at Williams & Graham is constantly inspiring, and the amount of recipe possibilities is seemingly infinite, which is what Allison loves most about bartending.

Since moving to Denver, Colorado a couple of years ago, Allison has also received some acclaim herself, winning the title as Front Range’s most inspired bartender through the GQ/Bombay Sapphire Denver competition, and also winning the Tequila Ocho’s Viva Sangrita Competition. On top of this, she recently won the regional semi-finals of the Diageo World Class competition, thereby becoming a finalist in the prestigious Diageo World Class United States finals, in which she was winner of the Ritual Theater category.

As far as advice to novices, Allison believes in gaining a wide range of experiences. She owes much of her knowledge from traveling and learning in different places from different perspectives. She also earnestly believes in learning about the culinary arts, as the extensive food knowledge that she has helps her infinitely behind the bar.

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