Chris Allison

Chris Allison has been working as a mixologist and bar manager for over 19 years. Originally from the small town of Dubuque Iowa, he has now traveled and worked all over the country. He found his passion for the bar industry while living in Austin, Texas, where he was originally obtaining a marketing degree and real estate licensee, but renounced them both when he came to the realization that he had a true knack and enthusiasm for the world of mixology. Since this recognition Chris has worked in all facets of the industry from casinos to nightclubs, sports bars, hotels, and fine dinning there are not many outlets he has yet to explore.

After many years of acquiring knowledge and skills Chris has honed his attention in on training and educating other individuals in the industry. Currently living in Jacksonville, Florida for the past 5 years Chis is well known for his unique and buoyant cocktails menus, his most recent one just released at the upscale restaurant of Cowford Chophouse, where he is presently the bar manager. When asked what his favorite part about creating a menu is, Chris explained that he loves “using rare spirits and unique ingredients to put a contemporary twist on vintage cocktails”. In his spare time Chris enjoys traveling with his fiancé and son, learning about the culture and history that have contributed to much of what the bar business is today.