Robert Mercier

Robert Mercier, a New Hampshire native and hockey fanatic, has enjoyed a career spanning close to two decades in the hospitality business. A member of the Orlando chapter of the United States Bartenders Guild, he currently resides just outside of the same city in Deland, Florida with his wife and children, who keep him focused on his goal of advancing his career in food and beverage through education and dedication.

With experience in many facets of the business including bar and beverage program management and cocktail development, Robert currently tends bar at The Ice Plant Bar in St. Augustine adjacent the St. Augustine Distillery.

“True hospitality- making guests feel welcome and at home, connecting with new people and sharing knowledge, and crafting cocktails and experiences that people enjoy are my passion. I am fortunate to have landed in a profession where I can pursue my passion and have a lot of fun doing it!”

In the course of pursuing his passions Robert continually attends seminars and conferences to advance his education and pushes himself to compete in cocktail competitions. He is an avid Tequila fan, having traveled to Mexico as a national finalist for a major cocktail competition, and hopes to work more closely with Tequila at some point in his career.

Robert describes himself as a ‘hospitality first professional’ and being that he works in a city and state that boasts so many options for great establishments and talented bartenders, he feels that the most important thing he can do is make every guest feel appreciated. Don’t let his focus fool you, though! Bobby, as his friends refer to him, is always the life of the party and will find a way to make you smile on either side of the bar!