Kala Ellis

Kala Ellis is a Nashville based bartender that is currently the Bar Manager at O-Ku. Kala Ellis has called TN home for over half her life. Her career in the service industry spans over fifteen years. Kala’s passion for the cocktail world stems from her love of teaching and community.

She has led multiple bar teams, encouraging a culture of innovation with each one. Kala was a teacher for a cumulative six years and sees mentorship and comradery as fundamental to any bar program. Between shifts, she co-hosts two podcast series with Spirit of Rock called Pretty Good for a Girl and Love on the Rocks.

In addition she runs Gospel of Cocktail in which she offers a variety of educational and fun services for amateurs, professionals, bars, and events. Her cocktail menu curation has landed her on the Today in Nashville segment for each of the bars she’s represented over the past six years. Kala’s certifications include mixology, gin, brandy, whiskey and bourbon stewardship, sherry, and soon to add sake.

Amidst recent challenges presented to the service industry, she is looking for the newest ways you can interact with your favorite bartenders! With an eye to team-building and story-telling, Kala wants to bring you closer to your drink and your drink-maker.