Tracey Eden

Tracey has been in the hospitality industry for over a decade.  This born and raised New Yorker has worked in many different kinds of restaurants ranging from wine/tapas bars to sports bars to classic cocktail bars.  When the opportunity was presented to her to transition from a server to bartender early in her career, she dove right in taught herself all the classic cocktails using flashcards because smartphones didn’t exist back then.

After years of doing musical theater and dance, she has found her spotlight behind the bar where she gives her customers a fun filled experience. She has helped to start and fix many cocktail programs, led plenty of wine and whiskey tastings and has trained many bartenders to succeed.  She loves educating people and spreading her positivity and passion for the industry.  She took home the win for New York for the Drambuie Modern Classics Competition in 2017.  She is an active member of the United States Bartenders’ Guild- NY Chapter and currently bartends and leads tastings at American Whiskey in Midtown.