Benjamin Krick

Benjamin Krick has been actively working in the service and hospitality business for sixteen years now. He has taken on every position within the industry that has led him to bar ownership. Born and raised in Atlanta, he has moved and lived in six US states and two countries. A true believer in continuous education with numerous certifications that back his work ethic.

Benjamin has traveled to over thirty countries in means of seeking out new perspectives as well as gaining inspiration which he applies to his passions and visions regarding the beverage world. His dedication to the craft has earned him multiple awards and mentions throughout the globe with a Top 10 placement from Tales of the Cocktail for best bar Central USA for his previous bar Juniper Tar.

He now is on to his next visions for the city of San Antonio with two new concepts named Jet-Setter and Pastiche. Here he will once again use all of his worldly influences bringing another beautiful bar to life!